The International Commission on Acoustics (ICA) was instituted in 1951 as a subcommittee to the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). New Statutes were adopted by the International Commission on Acoustics in Antwerp 1996 March 31 and were approved by the IUPAP General Assembly in Uppsala Sweden 1996 September 20. An information letter explaining the proposed changes to the status of the commission was circulated to acoustical societies 1996 May 10. The new ICA held its first General Assembly 1998 June 25 during the 16th Congress in Seattle where the By-laws of the new organization were adopted by the Member Societies. The Commission then became known as the International Commission for Acoustics. The ICA has also applied to become an Affiliated Commission of the International Union of Applied and Theoretical Mechanics(IUTAM). A motion in favor of Affiliation was carried unanimously at the IUTAM General Assembly Meeting held at the University of Stuttgart 1998 August 28-30. The ICA became a Scientific Associate of the International Council for Science ICSU in 2006.

An article further explaining the ICA is available here. This is available with permission from Acoustical Society of America where it was first published in Acoustics Today, 3(3), 2007.

The purpose of the International Commission for Acoustics (ICA), is to promote international development and collaboration in all fields of acoustics including research, development, education, and standardisation.

Means for the Commission to fulfill its mission are:

  1. i to maintain close contacts with national and regional acoustical societies and associations as well as other relevant professional organisations and seek consensus in matters of mutual interest; ii to provide an information service on societies, congresses, symposia, etc., research and education organisations in the field of acoustics; iii to take a pro- active role in co-ordinating the main international meetings within acoustics.
  2. to convene the International Congresses on Acoustics in accordance with the Commission’s guidelines and to act as the International Advisory Committee for these congresses.
  3. to sponsor or co-sponsor other topical and special international conferences normally in close cooperation with national and/or regional organisations and to give financial support (grants or guarantees), as a grant to organising committees for such meetings or as a travel grant to participants.

Application for Membership

Non-profit national societies concerned with the purpose of International Commission for Acoustics, provided they in turn are open to membership for individual persons, shall be eligible for election as Members (Member Societies) of the Commission.

The Member Societies pay a fee per share. This fee is decided by the General Assembly. Currently the fee has been set to 75 Euro per share. For member societies willing to pay the three-year subscription at the one time, a special discount rate of 215 Euro per share applies. The General Assembly consists of official delegates appointed by the member societies. Depending upon the number of shares, the different Member Societies have different number of votes. This is explained in the ICA Statutes and By Laws. The size and activity of the society provides a guide to the appropriate number of shares.

Application for membership shall be made to the Secretary-General of the Commission and will be considered and approved by the Board, subject to ratification at the next General Assembly of the Commission. Applications should include the following information:

  • Name of Society or Organisation
  • Name and email for President, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Website for Society
  • Number of shares requested for membership
  • Copy of statutes/bylaws or similar document outlining the structure and operation of Society
  • Summary (200 words) on the status of the membership of the Society

Start Up Grants for New Societies

The ICA offers grants of up to 250 Euros to assist in the initial stage of formation of an Acoustical Society that intends to become a member of ICA. The grant can be used, for example, to help with the costs of launching initial meetings. If good progress is demonstrated, then a further grant of 250 Euros may be allocated by the Board for follow-up activities. Refer to the New Society Grant Application for information and the application forms.