A Board of fifteen members is elected at the General Assembly by the Member Societies. The Board is formed by fine Executive Officers (President, Past-President, Vice-President, Secretary General and Treasurer) and ten other members.

The Office Director is appoInted by the ICA Board.

In addition, International Affiliated Members may appoint a representative to the ICA Board.

For a detailed delineation of the ICA governance please refer to the ICA ORGANIZATIONAL BYLAWS.

The ICA Board will meet in person or through teleconferencing at least once a year to discuss all the issues related to the ICA affairs. Additional meeting using teleconferencing or similar means is possible whenever there is an urgent matter for discussion.

The General Assembly is held every year if there are significant issues arising to discuss. In this case the General Assembly will be held in connection with the annual Board meeting. Every third year the General Assembly is associated with the elections for the Board and it will be held in connection with the International Congress on Acoustics.