What is the sponsorship of a specialty symposium?

The International Commission for Acoustics (ICA) will consider requests for sponsorship of Specialty Symposia in Acoustics.

Symposia sponsored or co-sponsored by organisations that are members of the ICA can apply for a Grant of up to € 1500. This amount of financial support is mainly provided by ICA (and ASA) to contribute towards the expenses associated with participation in the symposia for Distinguished Speakers, Young Scientists and especially for Scientists from Developing Countries. A listing of the symposium will be included in the ICA Calendar of Events.

Which event is eligible for sponsorship?

Symposia can include workshops, schools, and other types of meetings on acoustics. Support for specialist regional meetings or national meetings, especially in developing regions, may be considered if the meeting has an international character.

ICA sponsorship is normally limited to an international symposium on a specialized topic with an anticipated small attendance typically no more than 300.

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) is contributing additional funding to this sponsorship program for support of symposia in developing countries with an anticipated attendance less than 100.

In the case of larger or non-specialised meetings, application can be made for a grant from IUPAP, the International Union For Pure and Applied Physics or IUTAM, the International Union of Applied and Theoretical Mechanics.

When to apply?

The application cycle is from January to November of the year preceding the event.

Sponsorship requests are screened by ICA Executive Officers and ASA Committee on International Research and Education (CIRE) every year in December.

The deadline for submitting applications is 30 November of the year preceding the event.

Terms of Sponsorship

The ICA will provide the following to support the promotion of the symposium:

  • ICA will include the symposium in the calendar of events on the ICA website.
  • ICA will inform ICA members of the support for the symposium in the annual letter to members.
  • ICA will transfer the amount of the support to the Organiser's bank.

The Organiser agrees that:

  • The official ICA logo will be included in all symposium and promotional materials, including the symposium website.
  • The official ASA logo will also be included for those symposia receiving support under the ASA-ICA scheme.
  • The Organiser is fully and solely responsible and liable for the symposium.
  • The Organiser is responsible for the scientific, the financial, and the administrative organisation of the symposium.
  • Following the symposium, the Organiser will provide to the ICA Secretary General a summary report and a clear statement of how the sponsorship grant was allocated and, if available, the link to the symposium proceedings for inclusion on the ICA website.

Application form

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