Dates and locations of past congresses of the International Commission for Acoustics:

1st ICA 1953 Delft, Netherlands
2nd ICA 1956 Cambridge, USA
3rd ICA 1959 Stuttgart, Germany
4th ICA 1962 Copenhagen, Denmark
5th ICA 1965 Liege, Belgium
6th ICA 1968 Tokyo, Japan
7th ICA 1971 Budapest, Hungary
8th ICA 1974 London, England
9th ICA 1977 Madrid, Spain
10th ICA 1980 Sydney, Australia
11th ICA 1983 Paris, France
12th ICA 1986 Toronto, Canada
13th ICA 1989 Belgrade, Yugoslavia
14th ICA 1992 Beijing, China
15th ICA 1995 Trondheim, Norway
16th ICA 1998 Seattle, USA
17th ICA 2001 Rome, Italy
18th ICA 2004 Kyoto, Japan
19th ICA 2007 Madrid, Spain
20th ICA 2010 Sydney, Australia
21st ICA 2013 Montréal, Canada
22nd ICA 2016 Buenos Aires, Argentina
23rd ICA 2019 Aachen, Germany

For information on obtaining Proceedings of past Congresses, including free online access to recent Proceedings, go to Past Proceedings

View a video recap of the 22nd International Congress on Acoustics which was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016 September 5-9.

The 21st International Congress on Acoustics, held in Montréal, Canada, 2013 June 2-7, is done and was a great success! See the ICA 2013 website.

For memories of the 20th International Congress on Acoustics which was held in Sydney, Australia, 2010 August 23-27.