Recognition of Per Brüel on his 100th Birthday

Per Bruel

The ICA congratulates Per Brüel on reaching 100 years of age on 6 March 2015 and recognizes his outstanding contributions to acoustics during the century. Per was a founder of the Danish Acoustical Society and the Swedish Acoustical Society, both member societies of the ICA.

Below, we take note of the various acoustical organizations that have honoured Per Brüel:

  • Congratulatory letter from the Nordic Acoustics Association in the February 2015 Newsletter of the European Acoustics Association.
  • A congratulatory message has been posted on the journal and corporate website of the Canadian Acoustical Association.
  • The Brüel & Kjær website celebrates Dr. Brüel's 100th birthday and provides additional background material including feature article, press release, and images.
  • A congratulatory message to Dr. Per V. Brüel, a "Member of Honour" of the Spanish Acoustical Society (SEA), has been posted on the SEA website, along with the Spanish translation of the congratulatory letter from the Nordic Acoustics Association. The notice will be inserted in the next issue of the "Revista de Acustica" journal of SEA.
  • The Acoustical Society of America congratulates Per V. Brüel, ASA Fellow, Silver Medalist, and long-time member, on the occasion of his 100th Birthday. An article about Dr. Brüel will be published in the summer 2015 issue of Acoustics Today magazine.
  • Recognition of Dr. Per Brüel's 100th birthday will be a featured event during Acoustics Day celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Danish Acoustical Society.
  • The Slovak Acoustical Society (SKAS) sends their congratulations.
  • The Argentinian Acousticians Association (AdAA) sends their congratulations.
  • Acousticians in Hungary (The Scientific Society for Optics Acoustics Motion Pictures and Theatre Technology -- OPAKFI) send their best wishes.

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Per Brüel on 2 April 2015.