Past Recipients of the ICA Early Career Award in Acoustics

The ICA Early Career Award is presented at the Triennial Congress to an individual who is relatively early in his/her professional career, and who has been active in the affairs of Acoustics and has contributed substantially, through published papers, to the advancement of theoretical or applied acoustics or both. More than one award may be granted in the same year. The Award consists of a Certificate with citation, an engraved Medal, and a Cash Prize. Recipients have been:


Prof Frank Russo (Ryerson University)


"For outstanding contributions to psychological acoustics, particularly the theory of musical cognition and perception"


Prof Tapio Lokki (Aalto University)


"For outstanding contributions to room acoustics, particularly for novel subjective and objective assessment methods of concert halls"


Prof Torsten Dau (Technical University of Denmark)


"For outstanding contributions to auditory processing and perception, auditory neuroscience and technical applications of auditory models in hearing technology"


Prof Nico F. Declercq (Georgia Institute of Technology)


"For outstanding contributions to ultrasonics, particularly for studies of propagation and diffraction of acoustic waves"


Prof Timothy Leighton (University of Southampton)


"For both scientific and educational contributions to underwater acoustics, particularly for the role of bubbles in scientific phenomena."

Prof Oleg Sapozhnikov (Moscow State University)


"For contributions to nonlinear acoustics, particularly for theoretical and experimental studies of high amplitude ultrasound."