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The 2023 International Congress on Ultrasonics in Beijing (shortly named as 2023 ICU Beijing) is the eighth biennial meeting under the banner of the International Congress on Ultrasonics (ICU) since the constitution of ICU in 2005, to be organized and hosted by ICU, the Institute of Acoustics in Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Acoustical Society of China, and it is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). The congress was scheduled for 2021. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the ICU board members decided that the 2021 ICU congress was delayed, and it will be held on 18-21 September 2023.

The 2023 ICU Beijing aims to bring together professionals and experts from academia, industry, and government in all disciplines of ultrasonics, to exchange the achievements and experiences in physical acoustics, and the existing and emerging applications of ultrasounds in the fields of “Physical Acoustics”, “Biomedical Ultrasound”, “Non-destructive Evaluation”, “Industrial Ultrasound”, “Emerging Fields”, and so on. In the light of the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, the Organizing Committee has a contingency plan for a hybrid congress that is a mix of in-person and virtual participation. However, the priority for the meeting congress is a face-to-face meeting.

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