The International Year of Sound (IYS) has been a very successful event organized by the ICA on a global scale in the Years 2020-2021. Despite the challenges of this period due to the pandemic and the restrictions that followed, the ICA member organizations and supporters found new and innovative ways to promote the motto of the IYS, highlighting the importance of sound in our world. To encourage Member Societies to continue the momentum to undertake innovative outreach activities, the ICA has established an annual award to recognize an outstanding outreach activity undertaken by a group, committee, or an individual member of a national Member Society or an International Affiliate during the previous year.

The award will be accompanied by € 1,000 and a certificate of achievement and presented in an appropriate ICA event. In order for an application to be eligible to receive the award, it should be associated with an outreach activity that should be outside the usual membership base. The award will be based on the decision of a judging panel appointed by the ICA board and will be given for a period of 10 years starting in 2024. In any year, the judging panel may decide to share the award across more than one application or decide not to award.

The deadline for submitting the application for the 2024 award for an event held in 2023 is April 30th, 2024.

More info and application form available here.