The ICA wishes to express its deep concern over the crisis in Russian-Ukrainian relations and the subsequent military operations.

We believe in the solidarity of the people and their cooperation as the only means of achieving global prosperity, which will enable the human communities to face their problems and chart a better future. Every issue that arises between communities must be resolved peacefully through mutual understanding and by resolving any differences that lead to it. The use of weapons that disrupt world peace and result in the loss of lives is beyond logic.

Scientists are at the forefront of the struggle for global cooperation and the advancement of science for the benefit of society. Science and scientists have no borders. The joint effort to produce solutions to the problems that arise, with the recent example of the fight against Covid-19, requires all scientific forces to work together without exclusions and conflicts. Scientific bodies have a duty to uphold in every direction the principle that the freedom of research relies on the peaceful coexistence of nations and their scientists.

In this context, we express our support for the people who are being tested and the scientists involved in this conflict, calling for an immediate peaceful solution. We want to hope that the rulers will wish to, even at the last minute, obey the voice of logic and bring to an immediate end the nightmare of war.