Proceedings of the International Congresses on Acoustics

The International Congresses on Acoustics have been organized every 3 years. The first of these Congresses was held in Delft in 1953.

The Proceedings of these Congresses can often be found in libraries. Sometimes the Proceedings have been presented within the permanent framework provided by the archival journal system. More often they have been published independently. Descriptions of the Proceedings of past Congresses (1953-1986) and, where possible, addresses to which inquiries and purchase orders can be directed, have been published in the J. Acoust. Soc. Am. Vol. 86, pp 1192-1193 (1989).

Online Proceedings freely available:

21st ICA (Montréal, 2013)

20th ICA (Sydney, 2010)

19th ICA (Madrid, 2007)

18th ICA (Kyoto, 2004)

17th ICA (Rome, 2001)

16th ICA (Seattle, 1998)

For Proceedings of the Congresses below, please contact the society responsible for the organisation:

15th ICA (Trondheim, 1995)

14th ICA (Beijing, 1992)

Acoustical Society of China

The Proceedings of the 14th ICA are no longer available. Abstracts of the papers are published in Acustica as a Supplement to No. 4 of Volume 76.