The purpose of the ICA is to promote international development and collaboration in all fields of acoustics including research, development, education, and standardisation.


 La Semaine du Son: 20 January - 4 February 2018
The Week of Sound association aim is to encourage every human being to realize that the sound is a fundamental element of personal balance in his relationship to others and the to the world, in its economic environmental and social dimensions, as well as medical, industrial and cultural. It considers sound matters as an access door to the world. Health, environment sound, recording techniques and sound diffusion, the relationship picture and sound as well as music and sound expression are the five concerned main sectors.
The 15th edition of La Semaine du Son will be held from 20 Jan to 4 February 2018 with events around Paris and throughout France. This 2018 event will include the first events under the recent UNESCO charter for the week of sound.

 International Noise Awareness Day: 25 April 2018
All over the world, people, organizations, and governments will commemorate the 23rd Annual International Noise Awareness Day (INAD) on Wednesday, April 25, 2018. The Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) founded this yearly event in 1996 to encourage people to do something about bothersome noise where they work, live, and play.

 World Hearing Day: 3 March
World Hearing Day is held on 3 March each year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world. With the theme “Hear the future”, World Hearing Day 2018 will draw attention to the anticipated increase in the number of people with hearing loss around the world in the coming decades. It will focus on preventive strategies to stem the rise and outline steps to ensure access to the necessary rehabilitation services and communication tools and products for people with hearing loss.

 Planning is well underway for the 23rd International Congress on Acoustics. ICA 2019 will be held in Aachen, Germany, 2019 September 8-13. This congress is being hosted by DEGA, the German Society for Acoustics.



 taroudakisThe new President of the ICA, serving 2016-2019, will be Michael Taroudakis. He was elected at the ICA General Assembly 7 September 2016. Jeong-Guon Ih will serve as Vice President. Marion Burgess becomes Past-President, and, Antonio Perez-Lopez and Michael Stinson will continue in their roles as Treasurer and Secretary-General, respectively. The new Board of the ICA was also elected -- see ICA Board 2016 - 2019.

 The The 22nd International Congress on Acoustics is over. ICA 2016 was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016 September 5-9, and was a great success. The congress was hosted by the Argentinian Acousticians Association (AAdA) on behalf of the Ibero-american Federation of Acoustics (FIA). Our special thanks go to Jorge Patricio, Nilda Vechiatti, and Pablo Girón.



 The ICA Board has selected the Acoustical Society of Korea to host the ICA 2022. The congress will be held in the historic and culturally-rich city of Gyeongju, Korea, on 24-28 October 2022. The general chair will be Jeong-Guon Ih and the technical program chair will be Chan Hoon Haan.

 The ICA continues to organize an International Year of Sound. Our plan for the year 2019 has been superceded by other events and the year 2020 is now being targetted. An International Year of Sound 2020 will be a global initiative to highlight the importance of sound and related technologies as well as the need for quietness and peace in the lives for all in society. The International Year of Sound (IYS) will consist of coordinated activities on regional, national and international levels.



 Planning a future international conference on an acoustics-related topic? Check with ICA on dates for other international events to avoid major conflicts.

 Financial support for small Specialty Symposia on Acoustics is available

 Grants are available to assist in the formation of new national acoustical societies. See Joining the ICA for more information.

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