The purpose of the ICA is to promote international development and collaboration in all fields of acoustics including research, development, education, and standardisation.


 per bruel Another centenarian in acoustics! Per Brüel will be 100 years of age on 6 March 2015. The ICA recognizes his contributions and leadership in acoustics, including the founding of the company Brüel & Kjær. Congratulatory messages and events are being listed on a celebratory webpage.

 leo The ICA congratulates Leo Beranek on reaching 100 years of age on 15 September 2014 and recognizes his outstanding contributions to acoustics during the century. Other organizations are also recognizing the birthday of Leo Beranek. The various congratulatory messages and events are listed on our Celebrations of Leo Beranek webpage.

The 22nd International Congress on Acoustics will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016 September 5-9.

 Young Scientist Conference Attendance Grants for the 22nd International Congress on Acoustics in Buenos Aires will be available - check closer to the date in 2015/16 for details.

 Planning a future international conference on an acoustics-related topic? Check with ICA on dates for other international events to avoid major conflicts.

 We note with sadness the passing of Andres Lara Saenz, the founder and President of Honour of the Spanish Acoustical Society. The following links give a photograph and the obituary.

 Financial support for small Specialty Symposia on Acoustics is available

 Grants are available to assist in the formation of new national acoustical societies. See Joining the ICA for more information.



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